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Funding Programs

Access to funding is critical to the success of any enterprise. Your Name is evolving structured programs to connect Individuals and Entrepreneurs with funding programs offering diverse funding sources ranging from seed to growth capital. Don’t meet the Credit Requirements? Don’t worry – We can solve all of your Credit Problems FAST!

To get started right away:

Business Funding:

Our affiliate provides start-up funds for small businesses and working capital for existing businesses. $25K and up. Also, funding for bank owned properties (REO's). [Real estate owned, or REO's, are a class of property owned by a lender - typically a bank, government agency, or government loan insurer.]

Bank and private funding for start-up and existing businesses. $25K and up. No collateral or down payment required. Lower credit scores will be considered.
If your business is 3 years old and your FICO's [credit score] are in the 500's, you can have funding of $100K plus.
Our affiliate is funding unsecured lines of credit of $300K+ if you have decent FICO scores and/or with a co-signer, with no money down and no collateral.

Other programs:

A 650 FICO gets $150K plus, no income verification, no collateral, in about 15 business days.
FICO close to 575, been in business for 6 months, you can get up to $50K, with multiple funding to follow if you need more funds.
Also: Funding for $1M & up.
We have trading programs with large returns in about 20 business days.

Personal Funding:

❋ Tired of high interest rates on your credit cards and other loans?
❋ Need to consolidate your debts?
❋ Are payments on your bills consuming most of your income?
❋ Are you making just the minimum payments and finding the balance seems to never go down?
❋ Do you have loans such as: cars, personal, student, seconds on your home, etc., that are eating you alive?
❋ Do you have no credit, sub-standard or damaged credit?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then Your Name may be able to help you. This program is not 'credit counseling' or 'debt negotiations.'

We provide the credit card holder with ongoing low interest rate credit card bank information.

Our banks offer P+ 1.9% to ~ 10.9%, etc., most FIXED, UNTIL PAID, credit lines of $5K to $250K+. Call for details.

They offer enough credit to pay off most peoples' immediate debts.

Currently the rates range from P+ 1.9% to ~ 10.9%, etc., most FIXED, UNTIL PAID, credit lines of $5K to $250K+, they do change from time to time but are very low. Most banks or affiliates have dozens of programs, with many different interest rates, to offer to the public.

We provide complete information with institution names, addresses, phone numbers (including toll-free and dialing sequences), rates, fees, conditions, procedures, what to ask for, etc., for you to get and keep the best possible ongoing low interest rate credit card terms.

Our aim is to give individuals tools for significant money saving decisions; money that is wasted typically via interest accumulation on debt. We do not offer direct applications for credit cards on our website, nor do we recommend any particular credit card issuer, nor do we have a preferential relationship, in any manner, with the suppliers whose information we will provide you. We do not advertise, nor are we the recipient of advertising, for any beneficial purposes. You review the information, pursue the 'best terms' providers for your situation, and use our real, actionable, current and long term service providers.

Auto Funding:

Borrower/Applicant .. .. MUST HAVE 700 PLUS FICO

700 plus FICO with established credit report... will allow maximum loan proceeds. High balances: $50,000.00 - $95,000.00

680 FICO’S with strong credit history; Your Name can provide funding that can range between: $10,000.00 - $25,000.00

Also find questions and answers with more info on Funding.

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Fully addressing your financial goals requires a multi-dimensional approach. Your Name provides a broad set of services ranging from credit consulting to retirement planning. We help you grow by understanding your unique situation.

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