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We are here to help you reach your goal of being debt free through credit repair or by obtaining a new credit profile with a CPN (Credit Profile Number). CPN or SCN (Secondary Credit Number) numbers are the exact same thing. It is advised not to use a CPN as a permanent solution, since there are things that you cannot use it for, but it is a great way to continue on with life while having your credit repaired. All CPN/SCN numbers are trimerged, validated and skip traced before delivered or issued. We do not sell or issue recycled or issued SSN numbers.

To buy CPN/SCNs individually or
for our 3 Phase CPN/SCN Credit Repair & Funding Program

How do CPN/SCNs work?

CPN Number and SCN Numbers can be utilized in place of one’s SSN when applying for credit. It is a person’s legal right to keep his or her SSN private and employ a separate number for credit related reasons.

Using a CPN Number makes it easier to segregate finances in the event of identity theft. Without access to a SSN the thief is limited in the amount of difficulties they are creating for the rightful owner of the number

Getting a CPN/SCN does not release a person from his or her previous debts. In fact the individual remains liable for all debts incurred on credit accounts referencing a SSN,CPN,SCN. Obtaining this number will not replace old bad credit. This is what makes it different from any credit repair or restoration scams.

It is used by celebrities, congress members/government workers, and for witness protection reasons. For example, celebrities use it because the media can use their SS# to track what they are buying and where they are simply by tracking their credit cards.

How do I get started?

After you fill out and return either the individual or 3 phase CPN/SCN required forms and get approved, we get a low limit credit card, with a few other low limit credit cards to begin building your file. It's completely up to you to sustain your credit!

Do not fall for anyone offering large credit cards with NEW CPNs. It is impossible to do. You must build your CPN just like you would any credit file. It takes time. It is NOT a quick fix!

There are times when the first credit card offered asks for additional information to activate, this is because the creditors verification process has changed, if this happens, do not worry. Your CPN is still good and can still be built upon!

Adding small Authorized User tradelines to your CPN is the best way to start building credit ! If you are interested in this after you get your CPN, Click Here.

What can I use a CPN/SCN for?

You can use a CPN Number and SCN Number for anything that usually requires credit reporting purposes.

List of the items that can be obtained using a CPN:
Auto Loans
Credit Cards
Personal Loans
Medical Loans
Business Loans
Hard Money Loans
Apartment Rentals or Leases
Bank Accounts
Cell Phones
Utility Bills
And Many Many More!!

A CPN/SCN CANNOT be used for any loan that is government related like:
Military Loans
Child Support
Obtain a Mortgage or home Loan
Paying or Filing Taxes
ANY Government Funding

Are CPN/SCNs legal?

Based on the 1974 Privacy Act, When it comes to the legality, SCN numbers are completely legal. However, it should be kept in mind that they can be utilized for credit purposes only and not for deceitful intentions.

FBI: “Credit Privacy Numbers(CPNs) are nine-digit file numbers that follow the same algorithm as Social Security Numbers(SSNs). Currently federal law allows individuals to legally use CPNs for financial reporting and protects those individuals who do not wish to disclose their SSN. Individuals who acquire CPN s are completely responsible for any debt they incur using this number.”


3 Phase CPN Credit Repair and Funding Program

With this program you will recieve and agree to the following:

One CPN/SCN number will be created, tri-merged, safe scanned, validated through Lexus Nexus, and checked through the social security validator. The Client is responsible for providing the CPN address, CPN phone number (Walmart Mobile), and CPN email. This address, phone number and email must have not been used previously and not be connected in any way to your previous credit file or public record information. (You will have a trimerged CPN 14 Days after Client has obtained Mobile Number). The Client will also receive a $2500 Primary tradeline (must make a $100 - $150 purchase and the Client will receive a 5000 Primary tradeline (must make a $150.00 purchase) 7 days after CPN receipt.

a. After Purchases have been made, we will add three Authorized User accounts with 2 to 10 years seasoning added to the CPN credit file. (14 to 21 business days from the cardholder statement date.)

b. The Client will be approved for up to $20,000 loan through Road Loans to purchase a vehicle and referred to a dealer in our network with a minimum down payment.

c. If client chooses they may receive a car in the amount of $10,000 and put the vehicle on a 3rd Credit Card.

d. The client will then agree to allow Your Name to manage 2nd and 3rd Credit Cards to pay off vehicle.

e. We will obtain two credit cards in the Clients name in the amount of (up to $10,000 limits). Will take 15 to 20 days. (15% success fee)

f. Together go online apply for a checking account at a bank or credit union to connect to your accounts. Immediately after receipt of credit cards.

g. The Client agrees to use one (1) credit card and only up to 40% of the limit and will be able to add 5 Authorized Users onto the card and earn $75 per user or $375 every other month.

h. The Client agrees to have us to manage the remaining one card (two cards if purchasing vehicle) with a limit of up to $10,000.

i. Together we will manage the Credit Check Total login for the CPN credit file (monthly fees to be paid with 2nd Credit card). *If purchasing vehicle then payment will be used to pay for vehicle on credit card and insurance payments.

j. We will add five AU’s on each credit card every other month. (Income of $375 per card paid to client minus the minimum payment on each card due each month) *If purchasing vehicle payments from one card will go to card that is used to pay off vehicle.

k. We will continue managing your accounts as long as you are carrying receiving income from authorized users on your accounts.

l. This process takes a total of 90 – 120 Days to complete.

m. You Purchase a Primary Tradeline Package for $2,000 for your CPN. This includes $24,000, Auto $20,000 revolving each with 2 to 5 years of seasoning in your name. 30 – 45 days to post.

n. You get three credit cards up to $25,000 credit limit. 10% success fee. 10 – 14 days after tradelines post to CPN file.

o. Connect credit cards to your bank account.

p. You can purchase a new vehicle 2012 to 2014. 10 days after receipt of credit cards.

q. We do a credit restoration on your Social Security Number (removing all negatives) (30 days and up depending on nature of your file and whether your file has been worked on by another 3rd party )

r. We add 3 Authorized user accounts to your credit cards (social security number). 14 – 21 Days.

s. You pay for a Primary Tradeline Package Auto, Revolving, Installment your credit report (SSN). 30 – 45 days to post.

t. We apply for three credit cards under your Social Security number. (10% success fee) 14 -21 days.

u. You will now be able to purchase a new home provided you have the past two year's tax returns.

v. Earn an income of up to $500 on each credit card helping others build credit!

w. Once your lines have posted, you automatically qualify for up to $150k Loan on your CPN and/or your SSN (20% success fee on these loans). 30 days. (Provided you have followed all steps in this program).

x. We assist you in brainstorming your business goals.

y. We acquire and set up an Aged Corporation for you. (Cost $5,000 from your first business credit card).

z. We register the Corporation in the State you live in as a foreign entity.

aa. We set up the Employer Identification Number.

bb. We set up your Dunn & Bradstreet Number.

cc. We set up your business phone and fax. (Monthly fees)

dd. We set up your business domain name, emails and website. (Monthly fees)

ee. We assist you in finding a virtual office space. (Monthly fees)

ff. We get several 8 tradelines on your business.

gg. We prepare 2 years of financials for your business.

hh. We obtain several business credit cards for you. (10% success fee)

ii. Upgrade to the company car of your choice eg. Cadillac, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar etc.

jj. We assist you in finding a house and an investment property under business (1 – 4 family)

kk. We set up Consumer Financing so you can get funds upfront to get your clients financed. Product based only.

ll. We set up your Merchant Account.

mm. Funding is obtained with you as personal guarantor.

nn. We help you obtain $300k to $500k, 1st round of business funding. (15% success fee)

oo. We help you obtain $500k to $800k, 2nd round of business funding. (12% success fee)

*The Diamond program will take up to a year and ½ from beginning to business funding.

**The Client agrees that if the Client misses a payment and/or goes over 40% of the total limit of the credit cards in his / her name could be removed from the program at the sole discretion of as others in the program are dependent up your good credit score that is determined by the debt to credit ratio and the maintaining of a 720 score on your Credit Privacy Number and your regular Credit File.
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Fully addressing your financial goals requires a multi-dimensional approach. Your Name provides a broad set of services ranging from credit consulting to retirement planning. We help you grow by understanding your unique situation.

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